First month progress

12 workouts / 3 = 4 weeks (1 month is over!)

Here’s where I weigh in (ha ha, pun!) about this past month.

I think considering everything it’s all gone fairly well.  I haven’t really been weighing myself at all because:

  1. I think our digital scale is broken.  My weight can differ between 1-3 kilos lighter or heavier within just minutes.  It’s not the battery so I have no idea what gives…
  2. I don’t think my weight equates to any kind of conclusion.  So what if my weight didn’t change at all?  I have an extremely muscular lower body (my calf muscles have their own muscles!) and I build muscle very quickly.  It could be quite possible that I’ve lost some fat/water weight but gained muscle.  So what would be the point?  Constantly looking for a minute change would only lead to confusion and disappointment.
  3. My clothes are fitting better than ever and I feel extremely confident and ready for summer.  My work clothes are fitting fantastically and even the smaller sized work pants I ordered are feeling baggy.  My weight is just a number and it doesn’t define my fitness level or personal happiness.

As far as any kind of fitness level measurement I know I’m not ready for a marathon, but my endurance and strength is something I feel confident about.  Last week I had to run from daycare, back home, back to daycare, and then run to work.  I managed to do all of this under 30 minutes.  I did it all by pushing myself but I didn’t feel exhausted or winded.  It felt great!  I did it in the middle of an icy and snowy winter (we don’t have sidewalks in our town) so imagine trying to run on the beach with black ice underneath.  I’ve also been keeping up with my goal of exercising 3 times a week.  I do Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred with her 6-week abs videos, and then as a cool-down workout I do pilates to really relax my muscles and keep my body flexible. So far I’m loving the results.

I don’t really have any short-term or long-term goals but I think I really need to sit down and make a contract with myself.